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Your local artisanal bakery by Grégoire Michaud

Our Story

About Grégoire Michaud

Raised in Switzerland and trained in the art of baking from the age of 15, Chef Grégoire has worked in some of the world’s most celebrated hotels and restaurants.

With an aspiration to redefine and elevate Hong Kong’s bakery landscape, Chef Grégoire started a wholesale bakery specialised in supplying handcrafted sourdough and fine pastries in 2013 and, five years down the line, opened his first neighbourhood shop in Wanchai.

Chef Grégoire standing outside Bakehouse in Wanchai

About Bakehouse

Come break bread with us!

Inspired by artisanal neighbourhood shops in Europe, Bakehouse is built on our passion for craftsmanship and a sense of community.

Serving fresh sourdough, fine pastries and friendly smiles, we’re here to brighten up every part of your day.

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Our People

As Chef Grégoire always says, the Bakehouse experience is 50% about our quality baked goods and 50% about our passionate team.

From the skilled hands that expertly knead the dough to the heartwarming smiles that serve you, every part of your experience is infused with the warmth of our amazing people, who make us a true home of delicious delights and heartfelt connections.

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Animated Chef Grégoire holding a stack of egg tarts